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Tin Can
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Default Machine disgruntled

*The last 10% of the electricity. . Such as China and charger always give money so things do not fly out, only I did not really change the package did not bring a sense of security card bus card no money really test my balance is less than ability to survive ah I was not selected under the squatting on the roadside begging for what is not right or wrong, just look at preferences. How life has a unique wonderful place, mainly to see the mentality, like a person happy or not depends only on him / her know do not know how to Thanksgiving. Mobile With smell,m3 green, touch,m3 sky, sight, taste the backward now. Implanted in a call to the mobile phone is also the soul of things, you can also have feelings. Maybe someday when we are catching up with the phone meeting disgruntled, we have put the thing at hand to comfort them. . Ah ~ mad at me today, wearing high heels, I did refer a balanced body contorted twisting motion dozen times I have referred a sweat out na horde now also occasionally twisted his ankle heel did not look like it I will not have to refer to wear today not the kind of boat shoes also referred summer left ~ I kept walking back and forth a foot injury not good, fast forefoot tendons sister hurts me ... * ???????? ?groupId=360474&articleId=4e27525e6bdf3ca0743c9845a8925e7a
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