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Default False become damp teaches you how personality shor

Short hair in 2007 to road, from the silver screen to the activity in the show, women stars align alignment of short found, was gentle, quiet moments with handsome unruly, also mixed with a little naughty and fun, quite different taste. However, you want to stay a head of black hair of cruel cut off, too and heartache, besides the ordinary such as you and me, wanted as bright as the stars every day, how to work rush to take care of before you can, also was wearing a wig meimei.Slap face perfect for female personality full of hair styling, a fat face and head-wide women's best was evasive on, otherwise they will face's shortcomings laid bare.Step 1First put your hair into twist braids, if the hair is too too long, can also produce two beams or multiple beams.Step 2Braid multiple clip fixed in our minds, careful not to braid ready disk overhead.Step 3Wig put on directly, if too many bad hair fixed, also in head wear hair nets then set on wigs.Step 4The amount of matte wax smudge on the wig, and then feel free to rub with your fingers caught pinch, they can create or civil unrest or cool visual effects, hair fluffy more interesting as a whole, "clutter" and level.Tips:1, wig volume cannot be attempted to heating, electricity, dyeing, and braids, trim, and other physical processes can generally carry. Wig does not require special maintenance and care, daily worn cartilage of ribs available when brush and tooth comb to gently comb by hairstyles require thinning. Wig when unused for the time being, available hairpin in bellows direction clip well fixed; wig head before you go to sleep under the guise of, in order to be placed in well-ventilated place.2 General cleaning once every 3-7 days, wigs are best.Before washing,TOPLACECLOSURE.COM:TOPLACECLOSURE.COM]silk top lace closure, first with a soft brush or coarse teeth tooth thinning comb gently comb from top to bottom, dirt, dust, scrub clean and then place the wig on dissolving a special detergent in warm water (water temperature 25 ¡æ ~30 ¡&aelig, gently rinse the wig by hand after soaking for 10 minutes, and a comb to dung on the wig. Finally rinse and rinse the wig, with a dry towel to gently suck moisture on the wig, wig painted a little hair cream, natural dry hanging in the air, and then use the curler fixed or blowing stereotypes. When it is not frequently used, need a good seal in a plastic bag collection. Related Articles: screentear.com/activity/p/185251/creentear.com/activity/p/185251/]Non-mainstream fringe during the first half of March warm spring temptation 4sinhvien.com/activity/p/154997/:4sinhvien.com/activity/p/154997/]09 non-mainstream girl hair design vegan****.com/activity/p/110037/:vegan****.com/activity/p/110037/]Temperament sweet non-mainstream girl hairstyles beauty Street favorite
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